Coach Stu Vetter brings decades of experience coaching, inspiring, and mentoring high school men’s basketball players at the highest level in the country.
Coach Vetter has been coaching for over 40 years. Few coaches have ever been able to bring such a passion for the game to so many.

In addition to graduating over 100 players who have become Division 1 student/athletes, nine of Coach Vetter’s players have gone on to play in the NBA, and many have gone on to coach at the High School and College level. Coach Vetter attends and takes a very hands-on approach and will be ensuring that all men’s basketball players are ready for the task of representing the USA internationally.

Having coached internationally several times, Coach Vetter knows exactly what it takes to represent the USA on the international stage. He brings a passion for connecting the world through basketball and has seen this impact personally as he has had a number of international players on his team over the years.

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