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Frequently Asked Questions

There can be many questions when it comes to taking on a new adventure. We have added many of the common questions below but please feel free to contact us for any questions that are not addressed here at support@mvp-intl.com

Travel FAQ

Absolutely! The trip is designed intentionally for all members of the family from little sister to grandpa! This is an invitation for you and any family members or friends that you would like to travel with.

Absolutely! We always encourage participants to get the most of their experience. You can book a few nights before/after at the group hotel. This information will be announced several weeks before your departure.

If you wish to upgrade, we suggest booking directly with the airline on your own.

We do our absolute best to ensure that families that wish to room next to each other or have an adjoining door are able to do so. In the vast majority of cases this is not an issue.

If you wish to use airline points/miles, you are absolutely able to do so on your own. We are unable to accept points/miles for group bookings. For hotels, you are unable to use points as the room blocks are made on group contracts. While this gets great deals that you can never get as an individual, it does eliminate the possibility of using points.

Nope! All transportation is included in your trip package. There is no need to rent a car on any MVP trip unless you decide to extend or arrive early and wish to do so.

You are not forced to do anything you don’t want to! There is also free time built into the trip to do things in your own down time. That being said, participating in group activities is a tremendous part of the experience and highly recommended! 

Our travel team has a checklist of over 20 different items that we are looking for in our hotels. In addition, we attend various travel industry events and visit the hotels in person before selecting them. The hotels are an essential part of a good trip. On almost all tours, MVP participants will be staying in 4-5* centrally located hotels and resorts. For city-based tours we will put you centrally located and walking distance to main attractions. For island/beach tours, you will typically be beach-front at an incredible resort. 

A few things that are really important to us are… air conditioning, prime locations, clean and modern amenities, swimming pools when possible, great breakfasts, proximity to restaurants, shops, and bars, the hotel staff, and room sizes.

On most trips, we will provide the option to book the group airfare. This will always be a roundtrip economy airfare ticket that includes 1 checked bag. You can also choose to book the ‘Ground’ or ‘Land Only’ package which means that you book your own airfare. In this event, you will either meet the group upon arrival at the airport or a designated meeting point.

On almost all MVP trips the standard rooming is going to be based on double occupancy, meaning two participants to a room. In some trips we will be able to offer a triple and quad option up front, and in other trips these will be based on request only. Singles can always be requested at a higher rate. 

Depending on the trip, players will be able to room with teammates and can select the teammate they will room with. 

Sport FAQ

This varies trip by trip and will be covered by your trip enrollment coordinator. In almost all cases for youth team trips, a parent will either be required or highly encouraged. In the event that a parent cannot directly attend for a participating athlete who is a minor, a notarization form will need to completed. Additionally, we ask that the parents of that athlete coordinate with another participating family to ensure that there is a guardian there for their child. MVP’s staff is there to help coordinate, however we want to make sure participants are aware that the trips do not work like a typical school field trip.

Washing uniforms is something that is done on an individual basis on the tour. We always suggest bringing extra pairs of multi-use apparel items such as compression shorts, training apparel, etc. Many participants simply wash their items at the hotel in their room, or, in some cases families will take items to a local laundromat. Our tour staff can help guide you on where to go to get that done. 

All players will get ample playing time. While the goal is always to compete and win, our priority is that players get a great experience in their game or event. No one is investing in an experience with us to go across the world to sit on the bench.

This varies by trip, but in most cases the group will be a mix of hand-selected players and families that will participate on the tour. In most cases, some players know each other but no one knows everyone going in and that is part of the beauty of travel! A trip is one of the best ways to create new friendships through shared unique experiences. Even for those who typically feel shy, an MVP trip is a great way to get out of your comfort zone!

This varies greatly depending on sport, location, and skill level of our team. Please speak with your enrollment coordinator or contact us for questions about this directly.

In many cases there will be training before the trip! Please talk with your enrollment coordinator to understand what the pre-trip training will look like for your group.

Account FAQ

Yes! The main priority in the early stages of sign ups is to confirm the player spots. We will need to know about additional family members approximately 120 days out from the trip. 

No, you can sign up your athlete and another family member and change who that is later. We will need to know approximately 60 days ahead who that individual is so we can make sure that our vendors get the right information and there are not logistical issues later.

You can select to pay in full, 50/50, or monthly. 

You can pay via check, e-check, or credit card. The E-Check has a transaction fee of 1.5% credit cards have a transaction fee of 3.5%.

Questions Not Answered?

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