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Welcome To MVP Lacrosse

MVP Lacrosse Experience

Lacrosse was the first ever new sport that MVP International brought into its offerings after its original founding in baseball.

Lacrosse is a quickly growing game across the globe and the multiple teams that MVP has sent overseas to compete and represent the USA are contributing to the spread of the game.

In 2016, team MVP Lacrosse played in the Prague Cup, taking 3rd, and the London Cup, taking home first.

In 2019, team MVP Lacrosse went back to the Prague Cup and took home the gold in one of the best European tournaments around.

MVP Lacrosse is continuing to grow quickly as it expanded into Women’s Lacrosse in 2020. Additionally, its tour offerings  have grown to various destinations such as Germany, Central Europe, Italy, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, and even some Caribbean and Asian countries.

Lacrosse is still very much a developing game internationally, so team MVP takes great pride in helping to share equipment, coaching strategies, and ensuring that we always carry ourselves with pride and respect.

Destinations We Go

Czech Republic