Matt Foley

Matt played for Coach Pudge, graduating in 2003 and racking up a laundry list of awards, both in the JMHS record books as well as at the state level. After 4 successful years, 2 regional championships and a state championship at Madison, Foley went on to catch at Virginia Tech for 4 years.

Although Foley spent a few years in the corporate world, he was drawn back to the game as a coach, and he enjoyed staying connected to the baseball community. When he was approached by Coach Pudge in 2012 to form what is now MVP International Athletics, he saw it as an opportunity to further apply what he had learned in the corporate world in order to build something very special.

Since then, Foley has served as President of MVP International and oversees the business operations, which under his leadership runs smoothly.

Foley also has a focus in the real estate field and currently resides in Arlington, VA with his wife Meghan and 2 kids, Bryce (3) Blake (1).


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