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International Fundraiser Raffle Program


Please contact our MVP International Fundraiser Coordinator via email with any questions, Eve Mendolia , emendolia@mvp-intl.com



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The purpose of this program is to give all MVP International Athletes the opportunity to help pay for their trip through a raffle ticket program. By initially setting a goal of how much money they would like to raise, MVP athletes then have the opportunity to save hundreds to thousands of dollars off of their trip, just by selling raffle tickets!

Below is a list of our 2022 winners!

  • Caribbean getaway for 2: Kimberly Ross
  • 4 front row tickets to a pro sports game: Katelyn Wilson
  • 4 100 level tickets to a game: Judith Cameron
  • 1 $100 gift-card to any restaurant: Rick Jackson
  • 1 bottle Coopers Hawk wine: Kimberly Ross
  • 1 $250 gift hard to restaurant: Ashley Cook
  • 1 MVP shirt: Carrie Boysen
  • 1 MVP HAT: Heather Hobson
  • 2 bottles of Coopers Hawk wine: Ed Buckley
  • 1 tasting for 2 at Coopers Hawk: Karen Milner
  • 4 100 level tickets to sports game: Dereck Boyd
  • Solo stove Campfire: Joe Stokes
  • 1 Yetti Cooler: Caro Mills


Program Details

  • 1 Athletes choose their fundraiser goal and are issued the amount of tickets that equate to that goal (e.g. A $500 fundraising goal = 25 tickets).
  • 2 Tickets are sold for $20 each.
  • 3 100% of raised funds go directly towards the athlete’s trip.
  • 4 All ticket requests should be submitted through the google form.
  • 5 The MVP Fundraiser Manager will send tickets via mail.
  • 6 2023 Drawing Dates Will be Announced Soon.
  • 7 Tickets and any funds raised are due 1 month before the departure date of your trip.
  • 8 You will receive notification that your tickets and money have been received, and all funds will be deducted from the remaining balance in your account.

Why Participate

  • Easy way to raise money that will go directly toward funding YOUR trip.
  • In previous years, we have had players effortlessly raise over $2,000.
  • The average amount raised by participants was $750.

2022 FundRaiser Dates and Prizes (2023 Fundraiser Dates and Prizes Coming Soon)


2023 Timeline

November 1, 2022

  • 2023 MVP International Fundraising Efforts Kick-Off

2022 Prizes

  • 1Grand Prize: 4 Day, 3 Night Caribbean Getaway for two!
  • 2Four (4) Front Row Tickets to a Pro Sports Game
  • 3Four (4) 100 Level Tickets to a Pro Sports Game
  • 4Four (4) 100 Level Tickets to a Pro Sports Game
  • 5One (1) $250 Restaurant Gift Card
  • 6Many more...

Next Steps

  • 1Choose your fundraiser goal

    i.e. the amount of money you want to raise

  • 2Request tickets from MVP that correspond to your goal
    • MVP will mail tickets
    • Example of how many tickets to request
$ Goals
# of Ticket
$ 500
$ 1000
$ 2000

Frequently Asked Questions

No, players simply complete the Ticket Request Form and indicate the number of tickets he/she would like to sell. The MVP fundraising coordinator will send the player the requested amount.  It is ok if a player doesn’t sell all of the tickets he/she requested.  They will send all unsold tickets back to MVP with the sold ticket stubs.

A player can sell as many tickets as he/she would like up to the total balance owed on the account!

Players will sell tickets for $20 each.

100% of the money raised by each individual athlete goes directly toward his/her trip!

Once a player is done fundraising and his/her ticket stubs and money have been received, their account will be credited for the full amount raised. NOTE: all tickets (sold and unsold) and money MUST be received by the July deadline.

The raffle is run through MVP International which is a for-profit organization.

Corporate Sponsorship is not directly part of the fundraising program.  However, there can be opportunities for this, please contact us and let us know what you have in mind!

Players can accept cash or checks. Checks can be made payable to either MVP International Athletics, LLC OR to the parent of the player.  If the checks are being made out to the parent of the player, that parent should send ONE check for all cash and checks received.  If checks are being made out to MVP International Athletics, the parent should send these individual checks along with one check for cash received.

Send all payments to:

MVP International Athletics

P.O. Box 419

Vienna, Virginia 22183

Please send ticket stubs AND any unsold tickets to:

Eve Mendolia

1254 Butter Churn Court

Herndon, Virginia 20170