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International Fundraiser Raffle Program


See Information below or contact MVP Fundraiser Manager, Eve Mendolia, emendolia@mvp-intl.com



The first ever MVP International trip was a baseball tour and the sport continues to be one of the foundational pillars of


Ice Hockey

MVP International Hockey had it’s inaugural trip in 2018 to Central Europe where the team represented the USA in



One of the first experiences into a new sport for MVP International trip was an incredible softball trip to Spain. On that


Men’s Basketball

Men’s Basketball is one of the quickest growing sports in the MVP International arsenal. With legendary High School



Lacrosse was the first ever new sport that MVP International brought into its offerings after its original founding in



MVP International Tennis had its inaugural launch in 2020 with an exciting partnership with Wimbledon and Olympic Doubles


Women’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball will be a new sport for MVP International in the 2021 year. While women’s basketball will be



MVP International Dance started off with a bang by performing center stage at the opening ceremony for one of the



MVP International Golf had its inaugural launch in 2020 with an exciting partnership with the MAPGA for the Ireland



MVP International Football is new offering that the MVP team has plans to unveil in the 2021 year. Swimming by nature is one



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MVP International Wrestling is new offering that the MVP team has plans to unveil in the 2021 year. Wrestling is by nature a


The purpose of this program is to give all MVP International Athletes the opportunity to help pay for their trip through a raffle ticket program. By initially setting a goal of how much money they would like to raise, MVP athletes then have the opportunity to save hundreds to thousands of dollars off of their trip, just by selling raffle tickets!


Program Details

  • 1 Athletes choose their fundraiser goal and are issued the amount of tickets that equate to that goal (e.g. A $500 fundraising goal = 25 tickets).
  • 2 Tickets are sold for $20 each.
  • 3 100% of raised funds go directly towards the athlete’s trip.
  • 4 All ticket requests should be submitted through the google form.
  • 5 The MVP Fundraiser Manager will send tickets via mail.
  • 6 Athletes will have until May 1, 2020 to sell tickets. Winners will be drawn on May 15, 2020.
  • 7 Tickets and Money must be returned by May 1.
  • 8 You will receive notification that your tickets and money have been received, and all funds will be deducted from the remaining balance in your account.

Why Participate

  • Easy way to raise money that will go directly toward funding YOUR trip.
  • In previous years, we have had players effortlessly raise over $2,000.
  • The average amount raised by participants was $750.

NEW!! The MVP Challenge!


Any athlete who sells more than $2,000 in tickets will be entered into a pool, which will then be drawn from, and the winner will receive an extra bonus of $500 toward their trip!


April 15, 2020

  • Tickets Due!

May 1, 2021

  • Final Prize Drawing


  • 1Grand Prize: 4 Day, 3 Night Caribbean Getaway for two!
  • 2Four (4) Front Row Tickets to a Washington Nationals Game
  • 3Four (4) 100 Level Tickets to a Washington Capitals Game
  • 4Four (4) 100 Level Tickets to a Washington Wizards Game
  • 5One (1) $250 Restaurant Gift Card

Next Steps

  • 1Choose your fundraiser goal

    i.e. the amount of money you want to raise

  • 2Request tickets from MVP that correspond to your goal

    Click here to use this form to request tickets

    • MVP will mail tickets
    • Example of how many tickets to request
$ Goals
# of Ticket
$ 500
$ 1000
$ 2000

Click the Appropriate button to view, save, or print the fundraiser flyer.

Frequently Asked Questions


Please see the fundraising page link here!